General terms and conditions

Service provider data

Company name: RV EVENT Limited Liability Company

Headquarters: 7400 Kaposvár, Szántó I. utca 5

Hotel name: Arkánum Hotel Balatonmáriafürdő

Hotel address. 8647 Balatonmáriafürdő, Vilma utca 38

Company registration number: 1409316042

Tax number: 26152080-2-14

general rules

These “Terms and Conditions” contain the conditions for the use of the Service Provider’s accommodation and its services by third parties.

Special, individual terms and conditions are not part of the stated GTC, but do not exclude the conclusion of separate agreements with travel agents and organizers, sometimes with different conditions appropriate to the type of business.


The services provided by the Service Provider are used by the Guest.

If the Guest places the order for the services directly with the Service Provider, the Guest is the Contracting Party. The Service Provider and the Guest together – in case of acceptance of the order by the Service Provider – hereinafter: Parties.

If the order for the services is submitted to the Service Provider by a third party (hereinafter: Intermediary) on behalf of the Guest, the terms of cooperation are governed by the contract concluded between the Service Provider and the Intermediary. In this case, the Service Provider is not obliged to check whether the third party legally represents the Guest.

Contractual relationship

The Service Provider sends an offer to the Guest’s verbal or written offer request. The rooms are sold depending on the available capacity, the reservations are confirmed by the Service Provider in the order of their arrival.

The Agreement is established by the Guest’s written confirmation of the reservation made by the Service Provider, and is therefore considered a written Agreement. A verbal reservation, agreement, amendment, or its verbal confirmation by the Service Provider does not constitute a contract.

The content of the Agreement covers: the subject, location, duration, and price of the service. It also includes payment, cancellation and modification conditions.

Amendments and/or additions to the Agreement require a written agreement signed by the Parties.


The hotel’s room rates are posted at the hotel’s reception and on the hotel’s website.

Price lists of other services are available in the specific hotel departments (restaurant, pool).

Arkánum Hotel is free to change its advertised prices without prior notification.

The prices include the rate of general sales tax (VAT) valid at the time of the offer, regulated by law. The Arkánum Hotel will transfer the additional charges due to the amendment of the current tax law (VAT) to the Contracting Party, subject to prior notification.

The tourist tax is payable extra on top of the accommodation fee.

Current discounts, promotions and other offers are announced on the page.

Payment Terms

The details of the payment conditions are always included in the confirmation. In the case of special offers, the payment conditions may change, which is included in the written confirmation.

Accepted means of payment. cash, bank transfer, bank card, Széchenyi Pihenő Card.

Costs related to the use of any payment method shall be borne by the Contracting Party.

Gift voucher: the gift voucher can only be used within the validity period and value specified on it, depending on the available capacities. The full value of the voucher must be paid in advance. After the redemption period, the voucher loses its validity.

Order modification

It is possible to move an already finalized and confirmed reservation to another date, to change the number of staff and services, subject to free capacity.

Already finalized and confirmed reservations can only be changed in writing.

In the case of individual and promotional offers, the modification conditions included in the offer are the governing ones.

In view of the state of emergency declared by the Government, from June 1, 2021, simplified amendment conditions apply to reservations, cancellations and amendments received at our hotel.

Cancellation policy

We can only accept order cancellations in writing

The room reservation can be canceled free of charge until the first reservation payment deadline.

In the case of individual and promotional offers, the cancellation conditions are based on the conditions included in the offer, different from these GTC.

It is not possible to refund the services (accommodation, meals, etc.) booked but not used or modified during the Guest’s stay at the hotel.

The conditions for the supply of the Contracting Party are based on the effective Government Decree (45/2014. (II.26)).

The method and conditions of using the service

The Guest can book the hotel room from 2:00 p.m. on the day of arrival, and must leave it from 10:00 a.m. on the last day of stay. Upon arrival, the Guest’s identity is taken in accordance with the legal regulations to occupy the room he is obliged to prove it.

Early arrival can only be used upon special request, after confirmation, if the capacity allows, with a charge of HUF 1,000/person.

In the case of late departure, if capacity allows and an agreement has been made with the reception, the guest can stay in the room until 6:00 p.m. for a fee of HUF 5,000/person, in the case of departure after 6:00 p.m., 1 full daily room rate is payable.

The hotel does not accept guests with infectious diseases.

At the same time as the completed and signed notification, the Guest accepts and is obliged to comply with the Arkánum Hotel General Terms and Conditions and the local regulations (wellness department, restaurant).

The information needed during your stay can be found in the room folders placed in the hotel rooms. In addition, the hotel’s reception is available to guests 14 hours a day (from 08:00 to 22:00).

In view of the state of emergency declared by the Government, our guests are governed by the currently effective and valid provisions indicated in the Covid-19 menu item on the Arkánum Hotel website.

The hotel is not responsible for injuries caused by the fault of the guests.

The hotel may charge the guests the costs incurred due to intentional vandalism.

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.


Pets (small) can be brought into the Service Provider’s accommodation after prior consultation and confirmation. The price is listed in the price list.

The Guest bears increased responsibility regarding his pet. Pets can only be led on a leash.

It is forbidden to bring pets into the wellness building and the green area, sun terrace, and its territory belonging to the wellness. The owner of the pet must ensure the collection of dog excrement.

The hotel is entitled to invoice the cost of damage caused by pets.

Refusal to fulfill the contract, termination of the service obligation

The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the Agreement for accommodation services with immediate effect, thus refusing to provide the services, if:

the Guest does not use the room or the facility as intended

the Guest behaves in an objectionable and rude manner with the security and order of the accommodation, its employees, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, displays threatening, insulting or other unacceptable behaviour.

the Guest suffers from an infectious disease.

the Contracting Party does not fulfill its obligation to pay the deposit specified in the Contract by the specified date.

If the Agreement between the parties is not fulfilled due to force majeure, the agreement will be terminated.

Placement guarantee

If the Service Provider is unable to provide the services included in the Contract due to its own fault (e.g. overbooking, temporary operational problems, etc.), it is obliged to arrange the Guest’s accommodation immediately.

In this case, the Service Provider is obliged to:

to provide/offer the services included in the Contract, at the price confirmed therein, for the period stipulated therein – or until the obstruction ceases – at another accommodation of the same or higher category. All additional costs of providing substitute accommodation are borne by the Service Provider.

to provide the Guest with the opportunity to call free of charge to inform the change of the accommodation

to provide a free transfer for the Guest to move to the offered alternative accommodation, and to move back later

If the Service Provider fulfills these obligations in full, or if the Guest accepts the alternative accommodation option offered to him, the Contracting Party may not make a subsequent claim for compensation.

Illness or death of the guest

If the Guest falls ill during the use of the accommodation service and is unable to take care of himself, the Service Provider offers medical assistance.

In the event of the illness/death of the Guest, the Service Provider claims cost compensation from the sick/deceased’s relative, heir, or bill payer; with regard to possible medical and procedural costs, compensation for services used before death, and possible damage to equipment and furnishings in connection with the illness/death.

Rights of the Contracting Party

Pursuant to the Agreement, the Guest is entitled to the intended use of the ordered room and the facilities of the accommodation, which are included in the standard range of services and are not subject to special conditions.

The Guest may make a complaint regarding the performance of the services provided by the Service Provider during the stay at the accommodation. During this period, the Service Provider undertakes to handle complaints sent to him with written confirmation (or recorded by him in the protocol).

The Guest’s right to complain ceases after his departure from the accommodation.

Obligations of the Contracting Party

The Contracting Party shall be the servant ordered in the Contract to settle the consideration for services by the date and in the manner specified in the Contract.

The Guest ensures that the child under 18 under his/her responsibility stays in the Service Provider’s hotel only under the supervision of an adult.

The Guest may bring his own food/beverage into the hotel’s catering units.

Liability of the Contracting Party for damages

The Guest is responsible for all damages and disadvantages suffered by the Service Provider or a third party due to the fault of the Guest or his/her companion or other persons under his/her responsibility or due to damage to pets.

The Guest is responsible for compensating the Service Provider for the damage caused by him. This responsibility exists even if the Damaged Party requests the repair of the damage directly from the Service Provider.

Rights of the Service Provider

If the Guest does not comply with his obligation to pay the fee for penalty services that have been used or ordered in the Contract but not used, the Service Provider shall have the right of lien on the personal belongings of the Guest that he brought to the hotel to secure his claims.

  The Service Provider’s obligation:

To fulfill the accommodation and other services ordered under the contract in accordance with the applicable regulations and service standards.

Investigate the guest’s written complaint and take the necessary steps to deal with the problem, which must also be recorded in writing.

Liability of the Service Provider for damages

The Service Provider assumes responsibility for any damage to the Guest that occurred within its facilities through the fault of the Service Provider or its employees.

The Service Provider’s responsibility does not extend to damage events that occurred due to unavoidable causes beyond the scope of the Service Provider’s employees and guests, or were caused by the guest himself.

The Service Provider may clearly designate places in the hotel where the Guest may not enter. The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur in such places.

The Guest must immediately report the damage to the hotel and provide the hotel with all the necessary data to clarify the circumstances of the damage and possibly to record a police report/police procedure.

The Service Provider is only responsible for valuables, securities and cash if the item has been specifically taken over for safekeeping.

The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for personal items left in the Service Provider’s communal areas or rooms (including things and objects placed in the room safe).

The Service Provider does not assume responsibility for valuables left in a vehicle in the Service Provider’s parking lot, and the Service Provider investigates the occurrence of damage to parked vehicles and, if the damage is attributable to its own negligence, compensates for it.

The upper limit of the amount of compensation is fifty times the amount of the daily room price according to the Contract, unless the damage is less than this.

  Protection of consumer interests, data protection

In the course of its activities, the Service Provider considers the protection of personal data to be of utmost importance. In all cases, it handles the personal data provided to it in compliance with the applicable laws, ensures their security, takes the technical and organizational measures, and develops the procedural rules necessary to comply with the relevant laws.

The Service Provider summarizes its guidelines related to data management in a separate Data Protection Policy, which it makes continuously available on the website, and whose content it recognizes as binding on itself. The Data Protection Regulations also contain information on individual data management.

The Chief Clerk of the Marcali Joint Municipal Office and the Somogy County Consumer Protection Inspectorate exercise professional supervisory rights over the service activities of the service provider.

 Force majeure

Any reason or circumstance (for example; war, fire, flood, bad weather, power shortage, strike, occurrence of virus measures) over which the party has no control (vis majeure), any party is exempted from fulfilling their obligations arising from the Contract, as long as this reason or condition exists. The parties agree that they will use their best efforts to minimize the occurrence of these causes and circumstances and to remedy any damage or delay caused as soon as possible.

  Applicable law in the legal relationship of the parties, court of jurisdiction

The legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Contracting Party is governed by the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code. Any legal dispute arising from the service contract shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction according to the place of service.